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vendita di motori elettrici

In 1971, Giuseppe Beia decided to start building a small electromechanical repair shop. Although he had few machines, his willingness and desire to work quickly made him stand out from his competitors. Today, B.C.M. Elettro Srl continues its journey in the hands of his son Davide with the same passion and dedication to work.

Our company has considerable experience in the sale of DC and AC electric motors (electric and rotating machines of all kinds, national and foreign brands). We repair and overhaul DC electric motors, three-phase industrial motors, railway motors; forklifts and conveyors, three-phase variable speed, generators, converters, permanent magnet and brushless servomotors, dynamic balancing.

Our customers range from: Steel, Raw material processing, Mining, Plastic and rubber processing, Marble processing, Paper mills, Cable production, Machine tools, Foundries, Textile industry, Bleaching. Metal working and removal, Hot steel stamping, Medical, Construction, Wood, Chemistry, Water treatment, Railways, Cableways, Lifting equipment, Lifts, Food industry, Electric vehicles, etc.

We are able to provide a thorough repair and overhaul service carried out scrupulously by our specialist technicians. Experience and know-how form the basis of our work, which is carried out entirely at our premises and only after thorough bench testing are the electrical machines returned to our customers. We record the details of all work carried out and the components replaced, as well as the status of the outgoing engine, on special intervention sheets.

Over the years, we have renewed the range of equipment, bringing it up to industrial level and thus being able to meet our customers' deadlines with precision and speed.

Similarly, for ON-SITE interventions, we can guarantee the professional labour of our specialised technicians who are able to intervene directly at our customers' sites, quickly assessing the feasibility and scheduling of the interventions to be carried out.

Our warehouse is constantly stocked with all types of raw materials and original spare parts so that we can guarantee our customers a prompt response to their needs. We have a wide range of spare parts: G2 enamelled copper wires and plates, class F-H insulating materials and thermosetting paints for rewinding, high-temperature cables, bearings and electric motor brushes.

Company specialising in the sale and repair of DC and AC electric motors