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HoloMaintenance Link

HoloMaintenance Link is the new, easy-to-use platform that enables you to receive assistance from a Smart perspective and achieve a high level of service.

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The simplicity of a professional video call

The HoloMaintenance Link platform allows you to manage your assistance requests in a Smart way: by clicking on a link received via SMS, email or chat, you can receive assistance extremely quickly.

We have combined the simplicity of a video call with advanced features such as Augmented Reality that will allow the technician to solve your problem remotely, at any time.

Receive a link via text message, email or chat

Once the request for assistance has been received, the Technician sends the Customer via SMS, email or chat a temporary link to access the platform and start the video-assistance.

Get augmented reality video assistance

During the video-assistance, the technician can help the customer to identify and solve the problem by means of visual indications such as arrows and lines that will appear on the customer's screen and by sending documents and 3D models (instructions, technical diagrams, etc.) that can be viewed in real time

Capture photos and videos of the intervention

During the video-assistance, the Technician can capture photos and videos of the intervention which will be saved on the platform and can be consulted later

Generate a report (ticket) of the intervention

At the end of the intervention, the Technician compiles a report (ticket) that lists all the activities carried out during the call. The report (ticket) can be exported to PDF to be sent to the customer or attached to a possible invoice